Running a gym is not an easy job. With members joining every now and then and many of them leaving within the first few weeks, keeping track of the members and their accounts is akin to the rigors of club management.

You need to manage the schedule of members’ gym sessions, since there may be several members at different stages of practice and development. You also need to make an agreement with each and every member and collect fees every month. Keeping track of delinquent members is also a headache for owners. To make all these tasks simple, you can use a gym management software.

How Gym Management Software Works?

A gym management system can work in any gym or health club irrespective of its size. It can take over much of your worry about managing your organisation. It can also ensure happy members and growth of business. In fact, there are many ways in which such software can change your business and aid in streamlining and bringing in clients. Here are some of them:

1. Save time by eliminating administrative jobs

If you are spending hours on the manual task of reporting, collecting dues, and managing data, among others, you need a gym management system to streamline the operations which can further save time and increase revenue.

2. Automate check-ins

With the help of a gym check-in software, you can automate the check-in and checkout process. Such a system may have a barcode scanning feature or a sign in feature. It can also have a key fob or other kind of check-in system to manage check-in by members. It can easily track attendance and validate users. You don’t need to manage check-in times of individual members with a pen and paper anymore, as you can eliminate all paper jobs with an automated system.

3. Manage schedule

Managing the schedule of members is one of the toughest jobs in a gym. Improper schedule management can give rise to acrimonious situation. You don’t need to use a calendar manually to manage agreements anymore, as you can track classes and schedules using a gym management software. Instructors, trainers and service providers can view their schedule and manage it on their own. Even members can go through it and can make changes in the schedule if needed.

4. Handle invoices and payments

With the help of a gym management system, you can instantly view invoices as well as add and delete invoices. You can also view the management history of specific members and update information. It lets you store documents with respect to member registrations, employee data, purchase data and more as well. You can offer the members multiple payment options since members can access their own accounts. By automating these jobs, you can focus on improving other features of your gym.

5. Help in business growth

A gym management system can help with your marketing efforts and grow your business by converting and managing prospects automatically. It can help in generating leads and converting the leads into members and thus grow your gym. With such a software at your disposal, all the required data is easily accessible. This can help with your sales outreach. It can also keep some of those hard-to-reach prospects engaged and thereby convert them into long-time members.

6. Offer insight

It is common for businesses and gyms to deal with customers who hang-up midway through becoming a member. You need to get an idea as to why your prospects are not converting into members. For this, you need to know why a prospective customer had visited your website. An automated system can help you come up with an answer and also offer a powerful solution. You can get an idea about the priority of leads and then engage those customers over email or message to further the conversations.

7. Simplify reporting

Reporting is a powerful tool for businesses. You need to pay close attention to the happenings in your gym through billing statements, account deposit summary, daily delinquency and other compliances. All this information can help you to crunch numbers and take important decisions. You can determine your best source of collection and also manage the flow of money more efficiently.

8. Make payment processing easy

A gym management software can automate the task of payment processing; you do not need to manually process the payments made by members. This can also help you to track down members who have defaulted on payment. You can contact those members via email, WhatsApp and phone and collect dues. However, while using a gym software, make sure that it has a PCI-compliant payment processing module.

Use a gym management system for enhanced growth and revenue

A management system for your gym can be helpful not just for you, but also for members. In fact, along with being a great business enabler, it can also be an efficient CRM tool for businesses. In case you are concerned about the gym management software price, you should feel better from the fact that it adds so much value to your business that your profits due to the software may far exceed its price.​